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pp-r pipe fittings in Malaysia pp-r pipe fittings in Malaysia

Because of their cost-effectiveness, sturdiness, and long service life, PPR pipe fittings have been more popular during the last two decades. As a professional, you may have wondered why some of the world’s most well-known firms choose PPR for PE and PVC pipes. In the next article, we’ll go through the fundamentals of PPR pipes, including their benefits, characteristics, and most typical uses. So, let’s start from the beginning.

 pp-r pipe fittings in Malaysia

What is a PPR Pipe and how does it work?

PPR pipe is a robust, straight cylindrical pipe composed of Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic that is extruded continuously. They are mostly available in white or green, with outside diameters ranging from 20mm to 110mm, making the pipe walls thicker than PVC. PPR pipes come with a variety of connection components, fittings, and attachments that may be customized to match any pipe diameter.

Characteristics of PPR Pipe

Durability and a long life span.

In a wide variety of fluid and ambient operating conditions, PPR pipe systems can last more than 50 years. Furthermore, PPR pipe has a long service life in both cold and hot water systems. It may first guarantee that the temperature and pressure tension of hot water systems are maintained. In addition, unlike other typical types of plastic pipes, PPR pipes can sustain structural shocks even in cold weather applications without shattering or splitting.

Highly efficient in terms of both the environment and the economy.

Because of the lightweight of PPR pipe, its handling, shipping and installation do not necessitate a lot of energy or physical effort. At the same time, they’re incredibly simple to connect, cut, and work with, making them far more cost-effective. Again, connecting PPR pipes and fittings are done entirely by heat, with no additional chemicals or materials required.

Endurance in Chemical and Mechanical Environments

When compared to traditional plastic piping systems, PPR pipes can provide significantly greater resistance to abrasion by hard particles. This is especially essential in situations where the transferred liquids may contain abrasive particles, such as well water or industrial uses. Furthermore, unlike metal pipes, PPR is inert to most electrolytes and chemicals across a wide temperature range. Because of the inertness of electrolytic and chemical components, PPR piping is a safe choice for use in high-salinity water.

Applications of PPR Pipe.

PPR Pipes have seen significant growth in the number and variety of uses in recent years due to their durability, environmental, and economic benefits.

The following are the most popular applications.

Industrial, residential, and public facilities all have cold and hot potable water pipelines. Water, liquid food items, hygienic liquids, harsh chemicals, and compressed air, as well as extremely acidic or alkaline solutions, are all transported via industrial pipes. Good quality  parts will always make sure that your project goes according to plan, if you seek pipe fittings such as pp-r fittings in Malaysia, please visit Unitrade, they will assist you