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Top 3 Hobbies That The Elderly Favors

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The elders are those we called our grandmas and grandpas, who commonly love to spoil their grandchildren in secret. It is very interesting how the elders have started to keep themselves updated with modern technology like Skype in order to have video calls with their family members. In the past, most of them found technology to be something hard to understand and handle. Nowadays, some of them can handle technology devices far better than the younger generation. Nothing is impossible, after all. Modernisation that seems alien to them in the past have been received warmly and they like to learn on how to use the tech for their future uses. Besides, most of them have so much free time after retiring that they learn how to use the latest tech devices to kill some free time. Hence, there are a few hobbies that the elderly favor and here are some of them.


Out of all hobbies, gardening actually takes a lot of time as taking care of growing plants does not take a day or two, but it could be weeks or months. Hence, the elders love this hobby as they can spend every morning tending to their little garden outside the house. Apart from being a good form of exercise, gardening allows them to spend some time under the sun instead of staying indoors all the time. Moreover, tending the garden could be great as they can have a relaxing time spent in the garden. Surrounded by the gentle fragrance of the flowers and colorful plants, the garden is a perfect place for them to have a picnic with their family. It could be a therapeutic and effective way to strengthen the bond between family members and neighbors. 

Online Gambling

Another hobby the elders love is online gambling where they can use sites like slot game malaysia to play gambling games like Blackjack and many others. It is convenient since they could have no energy to go to the casinos every day with their friends. Hence, they could still gamble in the comfort of their home. Not only that, online gambling also allows them to enjoy their time without being worried about the online transactions. Such sites have secure online payment transactions where your money used for the gambling will be transferred without any risk of fraud or scam. The fact that the sites can be accessed using smartphones also makes it easier for them to gamble anywhere besides the living room or study area. They can even lie down on their bed while playing online gambling games, as long as their old bodies are comfortable.


This must be quite surprising, but some elders really love traveling. Those who have retired commonly have so much free time where they can plan a trip around the world while they are still healthy. They tend to be very active and try many new things since they have all the free time in the world and it’s not like they have to work in order to support their family anymore. At that point of retirement, all of their children would have grown up and have their own family. You can always see those sweet old couples who travel together to other countries sometimes.

Last Words

In conclusion, these are some of the hobbies that the elders prefer during their free time. If you are wondering what old people love to do when they have free time, then I hope this has been informative for you.