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One of the best promotions is that you have the option to share, according to the package you have chosen, between 2 mobile lines, this time with 80 gigabytes and unlimited calls.

Thanks to the Internet, a company can more easily contact clients from abroad, it can easily synchronize the files that employees need (with cloud systems), create a platform with which the client interacts (such as an e-commerce), among many other functions. You can JomApply Time and have the best results there.

But an Internet connection must have a good provider behind its back. This will minimize any cut or possibility of line drop and if this happens, we would have an optimal customer service ready to give us a hand.

Voiped Telecom is a hybrid ICT solutions and data services company for companies. It operates in Malaysia, as well as in other parts of the world.

To know its features and benefits, read on:
Why should you go for a good voice, internet and data service provider?

Efficient lines
A good provider guarantees that their lines are 100% efficient and safe. They work with Fiber Optic FTTH or Dedicated Fiber. Those companies that bet on these telecommunication solutions will have their connection to the network guaranteed at all times.

Full control over the network
The company will have the total certainty that it will be able to control its network in detail. You’ll gain insight into IP transit, eliminate processes that drive up costs by increasing redundancy, and all of this will improve the customer experience. The investment in these telecommunications services will begin to be amortized from the first moment.

Personalized security
Each company has its own requirements as far as security is concerned, and it will depend to a large extent on the data with which it deals. Voiped Telecom, for example, treats each case in a personalized way: it can help each company to protect itself in the way that suits them best.

Consulting services

Do you have any questions about your company‘s IT processes? You can contact Voiped so they can offer you their consulting services . You will be able to find the best solution to any problem, solutions to speed up the loading of resources, in addition to solving all kinds of questions.