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Lo-fi Artists You Should Listen To


Lo-fi Artists You Should Listen To

You are laying in your bed, staring into the ceiling with the same playlist you put on repeat. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cardi B . . . honestly, you would get bored of upbeat music at some point and need that calm, soothing, brain healing songs to rid the exhaustion from just staying at home all day (yes, the pandemic can tire you out even by not leaving the house). There is not much to do except the same house chores, scrolling through your Instagram feed until there’s nothing new left to amuse you, and reading books (which you might or might not finish). Sometimes, your Spotify playlist would come to a halt so abruptly because of your internet speed. Consider getting yourself the best Time broadband Malaysia for a smooth music marathon.

You may or may not have heard of Lo-fi which has been a rising trend in the music industry. With Time home fibre Malaysia and repetitive melodies that can vary in the ears and mind, this musical genre is great for studying, reading, relaxing and so on.

Now that I have your attention, here are 3 Lo-fi artists you should give a listen to:

Jordy Chandra

Based in Indonesia, Jordy Chandra expresses his emotions through his music. He created certain ambience for each of his songs, notably his Reminiscing Night, which leads you to a trip of walking under the moonlight or on the streets, or his Puddles who he collaborated with another Lo-fi artist, Jay-Lounge, which gives you River Flows in You vibes. Honorable mention of his works are Will You Stay With Me?, I Want You But Not Now and Do We Start To Like Each Other?

A l e x

Not much is known about the artist, but he is known as the best Lo-fi musician among
the listeners. His songs are nostalgically sad and worrying (judging from the lengthy titles of his works) such as the most popular ‘the burn marks on my epiano wont go away’ and another of his creation, ‘no one really seems to care’. It piqued the listeners’ interests if everything is okay on his side of the story. That is what draws people to his music, and you need Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia so that your emo hours did not get ruined.


Kiite kudasai (Please listen)! This is one of the most listened to artists with his memorable ‘technicolour’ and ‘dream of her’ raked up millions of views on Youtube and about 700,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify. The genius Lo-fi composer is capable of pulling the listeners’ heart strings with calmness with a hint of wistfulness.

Comfi Beats

Lilypichu, a streamer who plays games on Twitch, is also talented at composing immersive music. Her works such as ‘these days it’s hard to find the words’ speaks out the difficulty of expressing how we are feeling. Notably, her ‘walking with you’ is an emotional piece about her grandmother, and fans can relate the loss of someone special from her creations.

Found your dream-like music taste? Check out these artists and support their works! Oh, and don’t forget to apply Time internet Malaysia for uninterrupted song streaming.