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Is It Really A Waste Of Time To Play Games?


Is playing a game a waste of time and do players get so caught up in it that they can’t stop playing it! Although it varies from person to person, here are a few short sentences for players who feel they are wasting their time playing games. Is playing games a waste of time? 

The main question is whether or not the player is thinking, reflecting and relating to real life outside of the game. If the player feels the fun of playing the game and at the same time helps in real life, comes from the game and goes back to live, so that the time and energy consumed by playing the game becomes a positive entertainment and relaxation after your work, study, life and other business, so that you can go back to life with energy, then playing the game is positive and worth advocating.

And if a player is overly addicted to the game, head over heels and immersed in the game, forgetting the actual life beyond the game screen, such an addiction to the game is a real waste of time and life.

You have to take the time and effort you put into playing games such as mega888 an investment that benefits your life, not a sunk cost thrown in the water. You have to come from the game and go back to life, play the game and not forget about life so that you don’t get lost in the game.

In the process of playing the game, relate to the reality of life and reflect on some things related to gaming and life. Apart from keeping you from getting lost in the game, it can also be your compass and lighthouse to guide you in the fog of the chaotic and endless game. Gaming is connected to life and playing games without forgetting life is like a guiding light in the fog, guiding you in the right direction. I hope that you, my fellow gamers, do not waste time playing games, but gain something.

So why do people play games? Because games, like all other art forms, idealise and free life into a unique realm and then bring you into it, in other words, because they allow you to experience things that are hard to experience in life. Games have a relatively short history compared to other art forms. Poetry, music and literature aside, even cinema has been around for over a hundred years, whereas games have only been around for just over half a century. Because it is new, it has many shortcomings, but also because it is new, it has a lot of potentials. It is uniquely placed to portray a virtual world, and as the gaming industry evolves, it will become increasingly powerful in idealising life. Rather than seeing gaming as an escape or an intrusion into life, it should be seen as a glorification and expansion of life.