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Importance Of Branding Your Company


Importance Of Branding Your Company

For companies to publish their business, one must have a recognizable, unique and memorable design for their target audience to remember them for. For example, McDonald’s big, yellow and curvy M may be a simple design, but it is easily recognizable by almost everybody in the world. Another great example is Baskin Robbins 31 as they are known for having 31 unique flavors and they creatively used this number to create BR and highlighted the number in pink to make 31 stand out more obviously.

As time progresses, creating a unique brand name and logo have become more difficult for establishments as they have to create a more unique brand logo with their name to stand out among their competitors. Therefore, branding company is published to help establish business to stand out among their competitors more effectively. So, why is branding companies malaysia to brand your company? As mentioned earlier, branding your company involves establishing businesses to create brand logos and names to attract their target audience more effectively while being more noticeable by passersby.

Besides that, creating a unique brand name and logo helps to establish a strong impression to passersby on what kind of services and types of business they can expect from the company based on the brand logo and name themselves. Grocery stores such as Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer are some of the examples on how straightforward their branding names are as it helps their target audience to immediately identify them as grocery stores while some companies like Giant and Aeon are harder to categorize for people who have not heard about them until they visit the locations themselves. Additionally, having a strong impression may attract potential business partners that will improve their growth while gaining more recognition and credibility by the public and other businesses, in which will attract even more business partners to collaborate with the company. Uniqlo is one of the most popular clothing retail stores in Malaysia as it offers high quality clothing from Japan and can be easily recognizable by it’s simple brand logo which is a red square with Uniqlo written in Japanese and English. It is also famous for having collaborations for not only with Disney, but popular Japanese animation as well which helps to boost their popularity even further and attract more customers to buy their products.

However, establishing businesses should be careful with creating their brand names and logo to avoid getting sued by bigger establishments. One of the most popular incidents about branding is when Victoria’s Secret sued Victor’s Secret for imitating their brand logo while selling sex toys. This became a major issue for Victoria’s Secret as they have only been selling women’s lingerie and clothing. By using their brand logo, Victor’s Secret tarnished Victoria’s Secret’s public image and had been sued to change their brand logo and name. This became a huge turning point for branding companies as the supreme court had to adopt the Trademark’s Dilution Revision Act of 2006 to provide protection against plaintiffs towards existing companies which allowed Victoria’s Secret to win against Victor’s Secret.

Although it is easy to use other companies’ logos as a reference to create your own, establishing businesses may be able to succeed more than their competitors by providing services that appeal to their target audience and improving themselves based on their customer’s feedback which will help them feel more appreciated as a customer.