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Genting Casino: The only landed casino in Malaysia


As a child, Genting Highlands has been the only amusement park I have ever been to since it is only a 40-minute to an hour drive. The temperature was so cold that it’s like having the air conditioner turning on 24/7 and becoming much colder at night. The main attraction for me was both indoor and outdoor parks that are filled with so many attractions that I could not experience all of it within 3 days. At night after I was done with all the attractions, my dad, uncle, aunts and grandmother would visit the casino just to pass the time and would not come out until the sunrise. Now, my dad and grandmother would occasionally go to Genting Highlands just for their casino. So, what’s so special about Genting that they would not seek other places?

The Genting casino, also known as Casino de Genting or Sky Casino, is the only casino in Malaysia which allows the casino to operate with no competitor to go against locally. The area outside of the casino appeals even to those who do not seek gambling as there are plenty of attractions, restaurants and entertainment sites around the casino that it can allow even gamblers to go around to take breaks and come back to the casino later. Genting also has two resorts, Theme Park Hotel and First World Hotel, with both hotels appealing towards different visitors. The First World Hotel appeals toward visitors who wish to stay indoors and is the closest to the casino while the Theme Park Hotel, as the name suggests, is the closest to the outdoor theme park and offers bigger rooms than First World. The casino has a whopping 3,140 slot machines and 426 table games that includes but not limited to: Baccarat, Blackjack, Mini Dice and many more.

In recent news, the casino is now facing some major competitors internationally, namely from Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam as they had recently legalized gambling in their countries and more countries will become a threat to Genting’s business as gambling is becoming more acceptable in other countries – according to Aruna, a writer from The Star. Genting will also struggle due to the gaming tax slowly increasing and will eventually render Genting to be unable to compete with their overseas competitors. Aside from that, COVID-19 has affected the casino negatively as the recent spike of COVID-19 cases has reached to above 5,000 and the government restricts interstate travel. This could lead to the casino possibly closing down in the near future, but considering that it is the only landed and most popular casino in Malaysia, Genting will not go back down without a fight to protect it’s image.

If for whatever reason that you must absolutely gamble and you can’t travel to Genting, make sure you do your research and ensure that the online casinos are safe, reliable and trustworthy before indulging yourself into the website or else you’ll suffer more losses than just a few hundred or thousand ringgit.

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