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Do’s and Don’ts when Visiting a Sex Toy Shop

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1. Bring a friend or a partner if possible

It can be frightening to browse in a sex toy store for the first time, especially if it’s your first time. Bring someone with you to make it easier for yourself. Maybe it’s your open-minded pal who’s always up for new experiences and already has a few sex toys. Perhaps you’ll bring your companion, who is looking for new methods to have fun with sex. Plus, of course, it’s entirely acceptable to shop alone.

2. Have doubts? Ask the workers about it

There is no such thing as a nonsensical question. We’ve heard everything. Just be respectful and acceptable. For example, “How to utilise this toy?” is a better alternative compared to “Where do you stick this up?” Couples especially newlyweds might put in a lot of energy and time looking for a fully furnished house to start a new family. However, it would be great to put the same amount of energy to get to know everything that they can before having sex to ensure sexual satisfaction among them.

3. Do not be embarrassed to visit sex shops

Sex culture is evolving at a quick pace. Women are getting more comfortable discussing and, more crucially, enjoying sexual activity. It is alright for women to have sex alone or with a partner. Furthermore, sex toys aren’t just for girls; there are lots of toys made specifically for men. If you really can’t stand to visit the physical shop, you can always search for the best sex toy shops in Malaysia, online. This way, all of your purchases will be confidential and helps you to feel less embarrassed about them.

4. Do not attempt to play with toys on your own

Never test out a sex toy on your own. Even if you merely intend to hold it, no. We have policies in place for a purpose, and one of those reasons is to keep everyone safe, including yourself. These items will be close to very private parts of the body, and someone may not enjoy their butt plug being placed in your palm first.

5. Maintain an open mind to possibilities

Adult stores offer a plethora of seductive options. Maybe you’ve never given role-play a second thought until you saw a stunning costume. You might not think vibrators are for you until you find one that makes you want to strip down right now. You never know what kind of enjoyment you’ll find if you keep an open mind.

6. Please don’t bother other shoppers

Coming in with a bunch of friends to take a look around is a wonderful way to spend the evening. However, it’s no good if your group is so rowdy that other individuals are uncomfortable or unable to shop. It’s ok to laugh, talk, and have a good time, but remember to be kind to other customers.

7. Do request a demonstration

The term ‘demo’ is used to refer to a demonstration that takes place on your hand rather than somewhere else. Ask for assistance if you want to know how a dildo feels or the strength of vibrations.