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Don’t Buy Makeup In These Brands Unless You Have To


The makeup industry has blown to a huge bubble since it began more widespread. Now celebrities, artists and makeup gurus are all coming out with their version of makeup and what they believe make up should be like. Not till Fenty Beauty announced their makeup collection with over 40 shades did anyone see such diversity in makeup and nothing has been as revolutionary even till now. The market has gone sort of stagnant and nothing much has been done to push the market up besides using famous people. We want you to buy a good deal one makeup so here are some brands you should never put your money on.

1.       Mary Kay

Mary Kay is basically an best MLM software that sells make up. Their make up sells because there’s a huge cult following. They don’t offer anything in variety but their products are good in terms of quality. If you want a diverse palette or a lot of different kinds of makeup, you should put your money elsewhere. If you’re also a person with medium to tan skin tone Mary Kay is not the place to you. They promote a lot of ‘white and beige ‘skin tones which is a niche market. Furthermore, they offer more in skin care rather than make up which goes to show that their makeup isn’t their priority. Their products are all for light skinned people so if you’re medium tan and more avoid this brand at all costs.

2.       Milk makeup

Right after Fenty released their foundation with 40 shades, out came a football field of brands with forty shades of foundation. One of them was Milk makeup. They released their foundation to nearly every influencer on YouTube with special packaging to get more consumers but alas it did not work out for them this time. Milk’s products also came with a lot of issues. Many consumers reportedly received broken products or products attached to the packaging. The product was targeted for clients with oily skin, hence the clients with dry or sensitive skin had trouble using the products. Some broke out while others complained about the dryness of the product in general. Everything aside, Milk is a very new makeup brand and has had a good number of dedicated consumers who are willing to cash out at every product they release. Despite the backlash Milk received, they went on to release in the UK right after the US.

3.       Rimmel London

Rimmel London are one of the brands you can always see in drugstores. In Malaysia, you can see them at places like Watsons, Guardian and every other pharmacy. We’ve got to admit Rimmel has a good marketing company but not a good makeup company. Their products always dry out very quickly for some reason. Their foundation was among the worse rated as it had a cakey layout after the application which seemed to upset consumers. Rimmel is still doing a good jib attracting consumers to their lipstick and lip liners which are their speciality. They have more than 30 colours of lipsticks and all of them are super affordable. You could probably get 3 -4 Rimmel lipsticks for one Sephora lipstick. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ll give you this a pass. 

Makeup is a wonderful experience and we believe everyone should get the best of both worlds. It’s okay for you to splurge a little and invest in some good makeup products every once in a while but be careful what you’re buying into.

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