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A Fully Furnished Condo in Segambut

A Fully Furnished Condo in Segambut


Are you looking for a house for rent segambut? Are you going to stay there for good? Why don’t you just buy a property instead of just looking for a segambut house for rent? Yes, it is expensive to buy a property, but then again, it is really rewarding. That is why you should consider this, especially that there is a fully furnished condo from this area that might interest you. 

That is right and this condo is really A1! It is filled with top-grade appliances that the result is an elegant condo for you to enjoy! Yes, and for more information about the condo, check this out:

  • The condo is huge as it comes with 4 beds and 3 baths. Considering that this is just a condo, you can say that this is already one of the biggest units you can find, and each room is even quite spacious with cabinets and king-sized beds. The baths are spacious as well that even if you are using the toilet part, someone can still comfortably use the shower as well. 
  • The design is just amazing, obviously done by a pro with its warm and light tone. You will surely have a cozy time here and if this is for a rental property, finding a tenant should not be hard. In fact, you might easily find a number of tenants in your doorstep. 
  • It comes with 2 carparks, so it should be really convenient for a family to rent here. Even if they have 2 cars, they can still be comfortable in your unit or if you are going to stay here and you are already a family man, it should be perfect. Unlike in some condos where the carpark has yet to be rented in a monthly basis. 
  • The location is just perfect as it is in the middle of everything. This is just perfect for a rental property for sure since most of the time, those who are working will prefer to work where their workplaces are just near their place. This is also just perfect for you if you are working or if you are a family man since this is also near to important landmarks like hospitals, school and many others. 

Yes, the said condo should be the kind of property that you must not miss. Of course, it comes with a price, but then again, it will really be worth it. But of course, we all know that it is not easy to decide to buy a property right away. Thus, if you are having a hard time yourself, you can check for the mean time the bandar utama apartment for rent. This is also a good location and one of the best properties for rent. It comes with a reasonable price and it is surrounded by landmarks that are important for the daily living. You should check this out right away as others might get into this first. For sure you will love this property.

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